Failure mechanisms

What is a failure mechanism

A failure mechanism as described in this database is a detailed description of a technical failure mode. Most failure mechanisms are physical degradation of components due to operational conditions combined with component features like design, materials and surface treatments. Other failure mechanisms can result in technical faults without being destructive, like unacceptable increase of friction for a sliding sleeve valve. Both types of failure mechanisms are influenced by several factors that must be known to predict the presence and severity of the mechanism. 

Failure mechanisms described in this database are short and structured summaries to help practical people understanding the basics of the mechanisms. Always involve failure mechanism experts before making decisions related to the presence and severity of failure mechanisms.

Metal structure components

Failure mechanisms categories related to metal structure components are:

Polymer seal components

Failure mechanisms related to polymer seal components are:

Electric components

Specific failure mechanisms related to electrical components are:

Electrical components may also have failure mechanisms related to metal structures and polymer seals.

Updated: 27.06.2013

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