What are materials

Materials are the building blocks for technology components. This database has emphasis on metal alloys and polymer compounds used for well and subsea technology. The material datasheets are short and structured summaries made for engineers that needs to understand material basics and especially material weaknesses. This database will also improve the communication between engineers and material experts.


Metals are structured as a large number of crystal grains. Each grain is a region with regularity. The physical properties of metals are highly dependent on the grain size and structure within the grains. Common metals used in well applications are:


Polymers are large chain like molecules made up of small repeating units called monomers. Common polymers used in well applications are:

Material selection

Material selection is a complex process and should always be performed by material experts. Selection and testing of materials should always consider the full range of reasonably foreseeable operational conditions. The major challenge from a corrosion point of view is chemicals put into the well (brines, acids, inhibitors, etc) and not fluids and gasses naturally produced from the well. 

Updated: 07.01.2013

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