Operational conditions

What are operational conditions

Operational conditions include environmental conditions and physical loads as experienced by the equipment during all life cycle phases. Functional failures with or without failure mechanisms can only be predicted and prevented if the operational conditions are known and understood prior to the design phase and if materials and geometry is selected during the design phase to resist these conditions. Operational conditions should thus be described in the requirement specification worked out prior to the design phase. The time will also play an important part with regard to the development and escalation of failure mechanisms as most of these are time dependent. Thus, required lifetime should also be described in the product requirement specification. Operational conditions will vary during the entire product life cycle. A common fault is to study operational conditions only when the tool is in its operational environment. Important conditions can then be forgotten, like sunlight on rubber during storing or the rough handling during transportation and installation. This database aims to give a general introduction to common operational conditions well equipment will be exposed to during its life cycle. 

Environmental conditions

Environmental conditions can be categorized as:

The site map function can be used to show all subcategories and data sheets simultaneously.

Physical loads

Physical loads can be categorized as:

  • Tensile force (static, dynamic, impact)
  • Compression (static, dynamic, impact)
  • Bending (static, dynamic, impact)
  • Torsion (static, dynamic, impact)
  • Movement (axial, rotation, vibration)

Also note that environmental conditions like pressure and temperature are able to make physical loads.


Operational condition can also be classified into internal and external hazards:

Worst case load scenarios

Worst case load scenarios during the operational life cycle describes specific well events and related operational conditions. It is often the combinations and not the single or individual loads that are dimensional for well equipment. Understanding these scenarios is a prerequisite for failure prevention. More detailed scenarios as they will be experienced by specific well components are described in the well equipment database. More about worst case load scenarios during the operational life cycle follow.

Updated: 27.05.2013

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