Content updates

ExproBase is not updated after the final release of NORSOK D-010 ver 4.

21 October 2013

Code updates

The ExproBase source code has not been maintained according to new browser rules for some years and will therefore not work as intended neither in the view mode or in the edit mode.

5 August 2013

Content updates

ExproBase has been through an extensive update with focus on simplisifation of work processes, improved navigation and practical information related to subsea BOP's. 

2 January 2013

The free access trial period has expired

ExproSoft thanks the oil and gas industry, regulators, universities, operators, vendors and the general public for making ExproBase such a great public success with tremendous acceptance during this free trial use period.  ExproBase has become a rich resource for everyone in support of the complex life of well management.  ExproBase wishes to thank everyone for the success and especially to all that used ExproSoft during this trial period:

  • More than 120 000 users
  • Averaging more than 500 daily user visits

The trial period for the free use of ExproBase has expired. ExproBase is still available under a separate arrangement. Please contact us at sales@exprosoft.com for further details on how to purchase access to ExproBase.

30 August 2011

Free access

ExproSoft has decided to convert ExproBase to a public domain web site. Terms of use are regulated by a Creative Commons License. Future updates will rely on donations and development projects. Advertising may also be an option.

21 October 2009


Icons followed by a short summary have been made for each module at the level below the guidelines, databases, textbooks and templates for improved navigation within ExproBase. 

20 August 2009

Casing equipment

Also casing components are now briefly described. Emphasis is on casing hanger and seal assemblies, where the entire process for installation is described step by step.

11 August 2009


The home page has been simplified with less text and with a 'knowledge spider' to visualize the purpose of ExproBase. The menu bar has been improved with drop down menus and the search function will suggest options when typing. Finally, the guideline front page has been improved with short introductions for each guideline. 

16 June 2009

Operational processes

The 'Well design' database describes different casing, completion string and Xmas tree configurations. Now we also have described the processes of drilling and casing the well, installation of the completion string and running the Xmas tree. All processes are describes for the same case for improved learning and emphasis is on well integrity. We have also modified the well barrier diagrams in the 'Barrier' text books to illustrate the final well barrier status for the well after the Xmas tree has been installed.  

15 June 2009

Xmas tree valves

Each valve in different Xmas trees has been shortly described for better understanding of the Xmas tree functions. Synonyms are given when available. 

12 June 2009 

New illustrations

Additional illustrations for failure mechanisms, unloading GLV, Xmas tree, wellhead, tubing hanger and torque controlled preloading have been included. The 'home' page has also been changed, by moving general information about ExproBase to 'about' in the top menu and by including direct navigation to the four main modules of ExproBase direct from the front page.  

18 March 2009 

Backup solution

A backup solution for ExproBase has now been established on an in-house server to improve the availability of the ExproBase content. The address is http://backup.exprobase.com. This address shall only be used if the main address http://www.exprobase.com is unavailable. The backup solution will be updated at regular time intervals and thus be a new, but not the current version. The backup solution will not have an active editor for changing documents.

22 September 2008  

Commercial version

ExproBase is released as a commercial product. The process of continuously improving the product together with subscribers has begun.

30 June 2008


ExproBase uses an internet service provider (ISP) for maximum uptime. The current provider has not performed in accordance with their own specifications. We are therefore in the process of evaluating other providers for improved uptime.

24 June 2008

Improved editor

ExproBase is tested by a pilot group with the intention of improving the structure and functionality. One major change in the test period was improvements of the ExproBase editor for establishing and changing documents. The new editor makes it easy for selected subscribers to edit existing documents and save them as suggestions. This will improve the process of continuously improving ExproBase content.

16 June 2008

Beta version

The beta version of ExproBase is released. Several oil- and service companies were given free access to the product for a limited time for familiarisation and feedback.

28 March 2008  

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