ExproBase is a collection of practical knowledge that is independent of company affiliation and product type for the improved safety and reliability of well and subsea technology. Reliability is probably the most important attribute for well and subsea technology from a life cycle profit point of view. Most well and subsea technology components are barrier elements and must also be reliable to maintain safety and integrity.


ExproBase consists of three knowledge modules:

  • Processes
  • Databases
  • Textbooks

Processes is a description of the life cycle of well technology. The other modules are multi-disciplinary support tools for the process descriptions. All documents are short and to the point.


ExproBase is not intended to replace in-house governing documents or experts, but may be a supplement for improved understanding of safety and reliability issues amongst practical engineers working with one or more of the following tasks:

  • Technology procurement
  • Technology qualification
  • Maintenance
  • Well integrity
  • Organisational development
  • Reliability data
  • Failure investigation

Guidelines are not available for all the above work processes, but the users will nevertheless benefit from the supporting tools. ExproBase can also be used as a reference for everyday use, such as:

  • Dictionary
  • Synonym lists
  • Abbreviation lists
  • Standard overviews
  • 'How it works' descriptions
  • 'How it’s done' descriptions

Finally, students aiming for the upstream oil and gas industry may benefit from using the practical knowledge in ExproBase during their studies, but also during their first working years as juniors. 


Individuals using ExproBase will improve their learning, problem solving abilities and communication with experts (‘ask the right questions’), which are pre-requisites for work efficiency in multi-disciplinary teams. ExproBase will thus be one of several measures for improved safety, reliability and efficiency in oil and gas operations. 


ExproBase has been developed continuously by enthusiasts since 1997 and evolved to become a public domain web site in October 2009. The research organization SINTEF in Norway was an important contributor with multi-discipline knowledge during the initial phases of the ExproBase development. The former Hydro Oil & Gas (now part of Statoil) was the main contributor for bringing ExproBase onto a web platform.


ExproSoft is a company located in Trondheim, Norway, providing independent services related to safety, reliability and qualification of well and subsea technology. ExproSoft is responsible for quality assurance and publishing of ExproBase. ExproSoft also offers consultancy services related to all work process described in ExproBase. 


Every documents in ExproBase is made from the scratch. The main sources are practical project experiences. Minor sections (fair use) are taken from open sources like the web, standards, manuals, handbooks, textbooks, guidelines and papers.

Updated: 06.08.2013

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